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End to End Community Management

Complete tournament management with in-depth gamer's data and analytics.

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Social Reach

Social Reach

Create alliances using multi-bots and web-app sharing.

connect with influencers

engage in text and voice chat with players.

Deep Gameplay

Deep Gameplay

Create multi genre game contests

   1. long-form tournaments
   2. scrims
   3. match-ups

engage players using game modes
   1. battle royale
   2. pvp
   3. hyper-casual

run Pooled Real Money Gaming Challenges using customized digital currency



Unlock new revenue streams

collect paid entries In multiple currencies, including digital ones.

Maximize profits with ad and affiliate monetization

Offer various payment options, including UPI and Stripe, for a seamless experience.

Customer Support

Live Ops Support

Get 24/7/365 Customer support

get complete support while running tournaments

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